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Friday, January 26, 2007

What In Heaven's Name Is A (Kosher) Kitchen? - Part Four

What In Heaven's Name Is A (Kosher) Kitchen?

Part Four

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Part Four

The Important Extras

What other supplies will you require? Only about a million but they will come in time and with practice. So to end off this chapter I have listed a few absolute essentials that should be kept in view somewhere on an open shelf in the kitchen.

Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen
  1. A fire extinguisher (they really are only small fires)
  2. A box of good band-aids (the knife nicks are small but sometimes bleed profusely)
  3. Good ventilation (to let out the smoke from the small fire)
  4. A camera (so you can prove you actually did cook the meal)
  5. An adventurous spirit.
  6. A sense of humor will not hurt either.
  7. Oh Yes - MOST IMPORTANT - Socks folded into a ball (preferably clean - thank you very much!)
Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen

1. Band Aids, Medical pads and Antiseptic ointment

When I am working in the kitchen, and my kids hear the words, "I did it again!" without being told they run to the band aid box and bring me a band aid with a medical pad to stop the bleeding. No matter how careful I am, I often nick a finger with a knife when I am cutting, peeling or chopping. A few times the cut went quite deep, so be careful, but be prepared.

2. Fire Extinguisher

Laugh, go ahead I dare you. Then write me an email a year from now and tell me if you are still laughing. You are dealing with gas, electricity and oil a lot of the time. Things spill by mistake, or some food gets caught on the fire, and suddenly you are looking at leaping flames. Most of the time there is nothing to panic about. But for that rare possibility that the flames do somehow leap and spread, keep a fire extinguisher handy. Remember though, electrical fires are not the same as gas fires. So get one that will work well in the kitchen.

If you are still snickering, just wait until someone puts popcorn in the microwave and thinks they set it to three minutes and really set it to thirty minutes.

3. Vitamin E Or Some Type Of Cream For Burns

I was a reserve battlefield medic for many years. Sadly, I have had to make use of my training many times. Years ago a medic friend of mine taught me a trick for small burns that may leave scars. I have no idea how this works, nor do I have a clue about the physiology or chemistry involved. I just know that it does work and works well.

Purchase some Vitamin E gel tablets, (liquid form). I take one every day, but these are not for ingesting. If you or the kids touch something hot by mistake and burn some skin or if you put a hot spoon in your mouth and your lips get a bit burned, (all examples here are from constant, real experience so grin all you want), then quickly cut open a Vitamin E tablet and rub it over the burn. The pain usually dissipates in five minutes and scarring is nil. I know this might sound like an old-wives tale, but it works. Tested in the battlefield with soldiers and in the house with kids. Obviously if your burn is serious, then turn off the stove and get to the doctor or emergency room as soon as you can.

4. Rolled Up Ball Of Clean Socks

Got you there! Bet you are trying to figure out what a rolled up ball of clean socks is doing in the kitchen. Remember that burn you just got on your hand? Or the Roast Beef that was just turned into crispy inedible meat because you were babbling on the phone and forgot all about it? So you run to the oven and without thinking open the door and grab the roast beef pan with your bare hands. Ouch! That has got to hurt. Before your eyes lies a piece of charcoal that you spent four hours preparing. And suddenly every curse word you ever heard floods into your brain as the tears of pain smart your eyes.

Quick! Get the ball of socks and put it in your mouth between your teeth! Grind down on it. Jump up and down, wave your hands like a madman but don't scream those curse words out loud.

See how fast the cursing stops, and the pain is eased.

Works like a charm every time.

Please do not forget to smile when your child whips out the camera and takes a picture of you with those socks in your mouth.

Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen

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Great site and congratulations on your nomination!

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Hey, another kosher blog! Great to find you... I will definitely add you to my daily reading. My cooking and my blog are also (non-orthodoxly) kosher, though more emphasis is put on the gluten-free part... Stop by some time if you like.