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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back From Bar Mitzvah Food Gorging

Phew...the kid's Bar Mitzvah is finally over. all I have to do is to pay the bills! So if you see me off for a stress test these next few least we will all know where the stress came from!

Oh boy..lots to talk about in food, feeding, and recipes. I waited until it was all over so I could share some really interesting and funny stories.

AND I am finally going to give out my "cholent" recipe. Look for that in the next few posts. And if you think my cholent recipe is not good enough...HAH! Just ask the ladies in my synagogue who are begging for that recipe!!!!!

And one other little point. I am truly humbled. I took a peek at the other four finalists over at the WebLog Awards - Bloggies, for the best food blog of the year. I have to say they are all great blogs! I mean it. They certainly have serious information with some great pictures to boot. (Hey my picture of my own face is scary enough... pictures of my food creations would be a really over the top!)

But seriously folks. You should also take a look at those food blogs. I wish I could say the competition was bad.. but this competition is serious stuff. And really good stuff as well!

But here at Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen we are going to keep the humor and kitchen as a good marriage. And now in the next few posts get ready to laugh (I hope) and make fun of me. Cause we are going to do the Aviad's Bar Mitzvah Food Saga Series. It will be fun, and for those of you not used to how much we can eat on the Sabbath, get ready for a real eye opener! I bet this is even going to put our crazy chef Paula to shame. (Someone please find my Zantac - as fast as possible!)

And please send in those stories and recipes. Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen is as much about your adventures as it is about mine.

And thanks for voting Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen into the finalist category. It is truly appreciated.

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Paula and Elwood's Poetic Palace said...

Congrats on being in the finals. You have created a wonderful place here to share some laughs and good food.

I look forward to the upcoming Bar Mitzvah series and your attempt at putting me, the insane cook, to shame.

* It is now 7:27 pm and I have been in my kitchen since 8:30 am*

But seriously, good luck on the blog awards.