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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Want To Submit a Humorous Story or Recipe?

Would you like to contribute a humorous parenting story or recipe to "Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen" Blog? By all Means. We Love Them. We especially love Humour

Here is what you do:

Click on the "Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen" icon below which will open your email program to send an email to "Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen". Please make sure that your recipe meets the following conditions:

  1. It is Kosher - Meat & Milk are not together (Veggie recipes are great)
  2. No ham, pork etc.
  3. You do not have to be kosher or Jewish to submit any story or recipe. (Indeed most of the contributors to Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen are not Jewish nor do they keep Kosher homes!) If your recipe cannot be made due to Kosher dietary rules we will inform you as to why and ask you to fix it up with possible suggestions. Sometimes I substitute a kosher product for a non-kosher one if the recipe allows. You would be surprised how easy this is to do! Stories can come from all over of course!
  4. Meat, Milk, Vegetarian, Salads etc. are all great!
  5. If it is cooked, baked, or fried, exactly how much time and degree of temperature.
  6. How you want to be credited - Name and Location if possible. (Anonymous recipes will be credited to Anon but the copyright will go to "Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen".) No email addresses will ever be released!
  7. Keep in mind once we post this recipe your name will be on it (if you do not want your name posted say so in the email!)
  8. No last names in stories please. We love humorous stories about kids and parents and the kitchen! (Please do a spell check before submitting them though.)
  9. NO TEXT ATTACHMENTS! The text of your recipe or story MUST BE in the body of the email. (Email with word or other text attachments will be deleted without opening them!)
  10. Pictures (.jpeg, .gif, .png) of your masterful creations can be sent as an attachment.
  11. It can actually be cooked or made!
As to the format:
Your email should have the following format (of course you can add to it) but this is the minimum (though only two are required):
  1. Your comments or story about the recipe you are submitting (not required but suggested)
  2. Ingredients (clearly marked and counted - 1,2,3 etc.) - Required
  3. Pots, Utensils and thingamajigs needed to make the recipe
  4. Directions For making - Required
  5. And any picture you want to go along with the recipe (not required) Just send it in if it is too big I will format for it for the blog.
Click on the Icon to Email your recipe or story to:
"Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen":

If You wish You May Use The Form Below (but if you have photos please email the recipe with the photos!)

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You may use an image or text from this site to serve as link from your Web Site to "Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen". Any other use of any image, graphic representation, text, or post requires written authorization from "Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen". All links must be fully made back to the web site of "Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen".

If for whatever reason you do not agree with the above notice, do not send your Recipe or Story to "Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen"!

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Roberta said...

I shouldn't visit this site when having my morning coffee. It always makes me hungry!

Anonymous said...

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Deborah Dowd said...

What a great site! Food should be fun, and you make it delicious and fun.
I started my blog to encourage people to have a good time with their food (overcoming fear of food) and I will link to your site because I think many of my readers will appreciate your style (not to mention your recipes) as well. If you want to read a story about a real fire in my kitchen, check out my post on food disasters I have known!

Congratulations on your mention in this morning's Epicurious!

Deborah Dowd

Deborah Dowd said...

I am tagging you with a meme in my latest post, a meme that started among some of the more famous food bloggers to share 5 things about yourself that most people wouldn't know.
Hope you will respond- I know it will be funny and interesting!


Deborah Dowd said...

I am getting an education in kosher eating and apparently Purim-related recipes are all over the blogosphere. Deb at Smitten Kitchen and at least two other blogs featured Hamantaschen, only with fruit instead of poppy seed filling. Thought I would let you know incase you wanted to check them out!


Deborah Dowd said...

Your email should be more accessible so that your readers, like me, can congratulate you on your Best Weblog Award. Now that you are famous I think you should respond to the meme and reveal 5 things we don't know about you (I've been very good about not nagging!)
Don't complain, I got tagged by a fellow blogger who wants me to photograph my fridge to show what's inside! It will take me till the weekend for it to be photo-ready!
From an Irish Catholic American- keep it up you are doing a great job (especially at helping me gain weight!)

House of Israel said...

Italian Meatballs Kosher style!
By Catherine Manna

I never measure anything, but it always turns out great!, {ok, 99 percent of the time!}

First you need the right ingredience...Kosher that is..

I use: A few pounds of Ground Lean beef or Ground Buffalo, No kidding!

Then: In a big bowl, I mix the meat and I grate a large potatoe, or 2 medium ones {this will make the meatballs so tender and tasty}

Then: add one egg

Then: Since I dont measure anything, you'll have to use your "Good judgement" {in this case you're alowed to do that}
and after mixing it good, your ready to spice it up!

I use: a little bit of
Ketchup, finely
Grated onion
pepper, salt, a little
bit of bbq sauce,
and spices like seasoning
salt, basil fresh if
you have oregano
{this imporant ingredient
just a bit of dijion
Mustard}, not too
much though...and
Garlic minced if you like
only....and a bit
of olive oil in
the mix.......then
Mixed it Good!
add and mix really good enough bread crumbs {you might want to add spices to them yourself and salt first though }mix to make your meatballs. Then: fry golden brown each side in olive oil, cast Iron pan if you have one, then bake in pre heated oven 350 with your own homemade tomato sauce in a nice cassarol for about and hour, or more check it, more you cook more tender, and the grated potatoes {unlike the eggs} makes these meatballs so tender they melt in your mouth! really truly
and honestly!!
Your kids will love them...bake in the middle of the oven...
Note: since im Italian i had to learn the Kosher ways, and one of the cheeses which you wouldnt use in this meal anyways, is that some cheeses has renet in it. and one of them is parmigiano Reggiano, i think most aged hard cheese may have this as well but check the labels. Because thats not Kosher.

These meatballs go great with or without spaggetti, even in subs...No Cheese on these! make this meal a Kosher one Indeed!
I have Never felt better since I have learned the "Kosher ways" of eating and living. The No meat and cheese mixed together Rule!!! Proves a healthy one hands down!
"Kosher Rocks" !!!
Thanks Catherine Manna

Anonymous said...

I love this idea.

Cooking is so much fun and the craziest things happen in the kitchen.

I totally had the idea to start a blog about funny kitchen stories about a month ago. Looks like you beat me to it and you are winning awards so I won't try to compete.

Keep up the great work. I love it!