How I Discovered The Kitchen (Part Three & Final)

So one rainy winter day my phone rings and I find myself talking to the wife of a good friend of mine while she is kind of stuttering for words.

“Here we go again,” I think to myself. “She is going to try to set me up with her best friend or sister or even worse, her mother.”

My brain goes into overdrive trying to find in that oft-used database just which excuse I can use to get off the hook with a bit of finesse.

“Well, I first wanted to thank you for the contributions to the community meal you made for the synagogue last Saturday.” Then she finally gets to the point. “The ladies would appreciate it if you wouldn’t mind giving us your chicken recipe and cholent recipe for the food you made.”

I will freely admit to the fact that it is not easy to shut me up. To cause all words to flee from mouth and my brain to freeze is a feat that deserves serious note. Yet there I was mouth open, and totally, completely speechless.

I have six kids; been a reserve soldier for over twenty years, where most recently our unit faced the worst sort of hell in the battle in Jenin; worked as a Chief Technological Officer in high-tech for many years and was instrumental in taking a start-up company to the stock market - and now I just joined the Ladies Recipe Club! I allowed myself an embarrassed chuckle. Then slowly it dawned upon me that I just crossed a line that few males get to cross. What the hell, I said to myself. Go for it! This is an adventure which could be fun.

By the way Aviad did not give up. He stood on the bed, staring me down, waiting impatiently for his due. I was sorely tempted to give in and whip out the credit card so I could get his stomach filled with greasy fries and junk burgers. However, who can resist a challenge? Preparations for the wedding and work could wait. I made us steaks, which the kid took for granted, but he did appreciate the time I took out of work to season and cook it for him, while we babbled away together. And that dear reader is the true, ultimate joy of making food.

Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen
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Esther Avila said…
What a beautiful ending. Aviad would not remember the junk food but it is possible he may always remember the day he got his Abba up and got him to make steaks....darn, now I'm hungry...

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