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Friday, November 10, 2006

Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen Rating System & Icons

Since this is a Blog it is sometimes difficult to filter out just what information you want. I am making full use of Beta Blogger's Labels - which are listed as Categories on your right for this purpose. The information is divided up under categories. Thus all excerpts from the book - "Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen" - can also be found under Category - Book Excerpt. There is also a constantly updated list under the Categories with all sections containing to Book Excerpts - to make sure they are marked out accordingly. Additionally, all recipes for sauces will be found under Sauces. And all recipes which have an Difficulty Rating of three will be found under Difficulty Rating: Three. Of course you can always use the "Search This Blog" Option on the Nav-Bar on Top to find what you are looking for.

By nature, Blogs are not the best solution for orderly placement since they work from newest to oldest. So have patience and if you have any suggestions just leave a comment or send an email.

Editor's Notation - Connotates an Editor's Notation in the text of a recipe. In other words further explaining the submission of one of our generous cooks out there to make sure it is clear!

- Will be found sometimes at the end of a recipe to explain the rating system (see below) and any other notations that should be made. Also used to add later information once a post is submitted.

Now lets explain the Difficulty Rating which goes from one to five stars.
Let me make this clear. I am not rating the recipe in terms of taste etc. The stars rate on a fairly subjective basis (mine) how difficult it is to make.

Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen - 1 Star or - This is the simplest rating. It would apply to things like salads or dressings where there is absolutely no cooking (on the fire or in the oven) and the ingredients are fairly common and easy to get.

Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen - 2 Stars or Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen - 2 Stars - This is the next rating. Easy to make, some cooking, or frying, nothing to get incredibly worried about with easy to find recipes. Actually hard boiled eggs would fall into this category. And believe me - if you need to make soft, medium and hard boiled eggs and do not know how, it is not as simple as it may first seem to make the perfect egg!

Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen - 3 Stars or Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen - 3 Stars- This is the three star rating. May mean you have to figure out where the oven is and know how to turn it on - ROFL 5. Also may be used when the ingredients will require some thought ahead of time.

Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen - 4 Stars or Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen - 4 Stars - The four star rating will involve basting, cooking, frying tough stuff, demands of your time and thought in the kitchen. Here you will have to know about temperature's of ovens, where to find the off-on switch, how to use a mixer and things like that. We will teach you all of this if you have patience and hang in there!

Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen - 5 Stars or Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen - 5 Stars - The Momma of all cooking. This rating requires a Fire Extinguisher, band-aids and a direct line to emergency medical facilities when you almost cut through your finger cause of dicing, chopping etc. JUST KIDDING. Sheesh.... (Well it has happened to me as you shall read about!) But these are the most complicated and demanding of the recipes that we will place before you.

So sit back enjoy, read away. Take a break.
Coffee and Donuts

Pretty soon you will be serving the best of the best. Or at least that is what you will tell your kids your food is. Hey some kids will believe anything their parents tell them!

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