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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Miss Snark's Wish Is My Command

Yesterday in a fit of tiredness, I came across some hilarious posters and over at Cobwebs Of The Mind, my other blog on Writing, I started a series about them called "Writing And Despair Happy Hour". You can see the posting under the title: Writing And Despair Happy Hour (Part 1).

One of those posters was just so Miss Snark that I devoted it to her. It is perfect. True Snarkyness (or is that Snarkiness?). Right before I went to sleep, I fired off an email to Miss Snark telling her about the Blog entry, but also giving her just a link to the poster, never expecting her to look at the blog, but certainly wanting to share the poster with her.

Imagine my surprise when I opened my email and found an answer from Miss Snark and saying she posted the link to the poster and my email on her site. You can see it on her Blog entitled: Another day, another keyboard. KY! call the keyboard store!

In her email to me Miss Snark requested (does she request? order? beg? - hah that would be funny Miss Snark begging - well she would if I was GC!) asked that I name a fire extinguisher after her.

Well here you go Miss Snark. Your own, special Snark Fire Extinguisher. Just for you.
From now on at Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen and in Cobwebs Of The Mind I will use the Snark Fire Extinguisher for those especially dumb scammers and trollers (can I use it for agents who don't like my query letters too?)

But this is for you Miss Snark.

Introducing the Miss Snark Fire Extinguisher

Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen

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5 Fire Comments - Click To Post A Comment:

Miss Snark said...

Dear Dog almighty, I'm Laura Petrie!!!

Your Corona Story said...

But she is spraying look on it as a plus side!

Unknown said...

Okay, where can I order one of those Snark Fire Extinguishers?

Cheryll said...

But, wait: no high heels? !!

Anonymous said...

Laura Petrie, I love it! That's what I was thinking too when I saw it!