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Friday, November 17, 2006

Important Caveat About Ingredients

When Shrug, one of the contributors to Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen read the post entitled:

Teddy’s Insane Laws For The Kitchen & Cooking - Rule #4 - No Recipe Is Holy Writ

She sent me an email with the following point which is critical for those starting out in the kitchen to understand.

I'm big on experimenting. I liked your entry on experimenting, with one small caveat. You can't experiment where the ingredients are necessary for the cooking process. It's more true for baking than for other dishes, but if you try to use baking powder in place of baking soda, you're not going to get the same effect in your baked goods. And, like with the lemon squares. You can't substitute non-acidic juices for the lemon because the acid causes a chemical reaction with the baking powder.
This is an important caveat - or BUT to my Insane Law of No Recipe Is Holy Writ. There are simply some ingredients in recipes you cannot and should not substitute for others. That is always an important point to remember. When in doubt ask. Do not be ashamed to ask.

You can even send an email here and I will be glad to attempt to answer your question. Or get Blog Visitors to help answer it.

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As the tried and true cliche goes:

There are no stupid questions. Only dumb answers.

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