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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Teddy’s Insane Laws For The Kitchen & Cooking - Rule #6

Teddy’s Insane Laws For The Kitchen & Cooking

There Really Is A Method To My Madness

Rule № Six

Follow Your Taste-buds & Don’t Force Feed

I happen to love fresh garlic and onions. You may not like them or have an allergy to them. Do not give up! Substitute. Try the recipe without garlic. It might be a bit bland, but perhaps you and your children’s taste buds like food that way.

On the other hand it is probably God’s vengeance that one of the healthiest natural foods is something that turns my stomach. I cannot stand the smell of cauliflower, and I am incredibly sensitive to it. I can even smell it in instant soups. So, nothing that I cook or make has cauliflower in it. But when you see I am adding veggies and such, and you happen to like cauliflower, (what could posses you to like cauliflower?), by all means, add it to the recipe. It is healthy and many friends of mine swear by it. Just don’t bring me anything with cauliflower as a present. That is all I ask.

Broccoli used to be one step below cauliflower for me. As my son, Avdiel, said the other day, watching me making a bowl of fresh Broccoli, fresh spinach, garlic and onions – “How the mighty have fallen.” I gave in on the Broccoli, mainly because my oldest child, Amizorach, and my daughter Shalhevet, love it. (Not even love, guilt and a million kisses could get me to buy cauliflower though.)

Do not prepare what will not be eaten. Do not force feed. Do not make dishes, cook or fry things which you know the kids do not like nor will they eat. No matter how good it comes out, no matter how healthy or nutritious you tell them it is, if they do not like it they will not eat it.

If you do insist on preparing food that does not agree with their taste-buds, you will find your children behaving like Calvin in the Calvin & Hobbes comic strip when his mother serves meat-loaf.

Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen

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Paula and Elwood's Poetic Palace said...

Ted I don't know how I missed your comment on cauliflower. You would be amazed at the good things I have hidden in my daughter's food just to sneak healthy things into her. I have many times mashed cauliflower into her potatoes. I substitute 1 cup of oats for 1 cup of flour in her chocolate chip cookies. If only my family knew how much healthy stuff I sneak by them. Funny thing is, I feel the same way about broccoli. Give me the white stuff any day over that.

I love this site. You have an amazing sense of humor.

Keep up the good work.
Paula aka The Insane Cook

Anonymous said...

i detested cauliflower as a child, my brother detested broccoli. i hated coleslaw (raw cabbage). now as adults, we both like all of those vegetables.

the veggies in the "crucifer family" do have distinctive odors and tastes.

the only member of that family of veggies that i still do not like, and prefer not to eat, is brussel sprouts. to me, they're bitter, smelly, and nasty tasting.

(but i was served them one night when i went to visit a friend's parents (was my friend's favorite...ewww!) i held my breath and ate every bite on my plate, but politely refused the hostess's offer of seconds. lol.