Passover Shopping

This year I decided, through some incredible attack of true craziness to do most food shopping in the famous "Machaneh Yehudah" shuk - (marketplace) in Jerusalem. There are many people that love shopping here, and others who, like me, do not like having to shlep tons of food in bags all over the place. But there is certainly a magic in places like this, and one cannot beat the prices or the selection.

So while buying (in two trips) fruit, veggies, carp (to make homemade Gifilte Fish) a 7 Kilo Turkey, spices, drinking glasses, wine glasses, tea and coffee glasses and on and on and on... I snapped a couple of pictures.

Machaneh Yehudah is already very crowded as you can see, but will get nutso by tomorrow and certainly on Sunday and then on Monday morning. (Towards Monday afternoon the prices start dropping drastically - but only the brave or the very poor wait till then to buy food for Passover.) There is nothing on this planet that could convince me to go back there over the next three days. So this morning I decided to brave it. My daughter and I actually had a pretty good time, though it was all shlepping and buying and looking and comparing prices.

Got 4 Kilo of strawberries for 20 NIS. That is 9 pds. of Strawberries for the equivalent of a bit less than $5. Got some great Kiwis, around 3 pds. for 22 - around $5. The Turkey and Chicken are fresh; the carp I picked out of the tank while those mamma's were swimming; and the melons and parsley and basil and basil - all fresh were a delight to the nose.

I do not know anyone in the pictures below. I just snapped a couple (my hands were holding bags - big heavy bags most of the time!)

This picture is of the main thouroghfare in Machaneh Yehudah. It leads from Agrippas Street straight to Jaffa Street.

One of the many "stalls" to buy Fresh Fish. (Fresh Carp was going for 20 NIS for a kilo. Little less than $5 for 2.2 pds.)

This lady was not all that happy with me for taking this picture. This is one of the zillion "veggie" stalls. Carrots were going for 3 NIS a Kilo. Around $.65 cents for 2.2 pds.

I am sorry I did not take more pics. But I was kind of "bag heavy". My daughter refused to let me try and get a picture of "Rosh Keves" (Head of a lamb) but I am going to do it!

Anyway I did get almost EVERYTHING done today including my oven!

Now that oven is so clean you can see the reflection of the vacuum cleaner in the oven glass!

(The kitchen though is a MESS still...but that will be fixed with an hour or so of cleaning tomorrow.)

Next we move on to the Seder recipes!


Come on.. shopping for fresh products in an open market! It doesn't get any better than that. I love fresh produce and go out of my way to find open markets whenever possible.

Nice job on the oven.. six burners no less!.. That is for some serious cooking..

As you celebrate Passover, may your blessings increase and may those who share your seder, know happiness and peace.
Deborah Dowd said…
Thanks for taking us along to the market, however if I get to Jerusalem, I will be watching out for the lady who looked less than pleased! here in the US we are relegated to these types of open markets during the summer, but ours don't look nearly as colorful as yours!

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