Grandma (Bubby) Sarah's Gefilte Fish

Grandma (Bubby) Sarah Video Series Of Passover Recipes

Sometimes among the emails I receive I get a few gems. Today, one such gem from Michael Schreiber, Production Director of, which seems to be a new Internet startup (check it out), sent this one in. The videos are served from (part of, which also owns which is about healthy lifestyles and living.) I will quote from his email:
Dear Fire in my kitchen,

Last weekend I took my video camera and filmed a real bubby making her prized matzah ball soup... medium sinkers. Delicious... easy to replicate as you'll see in the video recipe.

She also demonstrates gefilte fish... the mystery is finally revealed! Her potato kugel is great too. I made a short video recipe for each film, which you are welcome to post on your site if you like.

So many of these old country recipes will disappear as these great people pass away. It's important that these recipes survive!

I have gone through these videos and though I would have the "audacity" of changing some of the recipes (don't tell Bubby Sarah - Grandmothers like that scare me!) they are great recipes and we give Bubby Sarah a big kiss on the cheek for letting us use them!

The Videos contain all the necessary information, but since it is a movie format and you may want to copy it down, I have placed it in the normal Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen format below.

Grandma (Bubby) Sarah's Gefilte Fish

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  1. 5 lbs (2 Kilo) mixture of white fish, pike and carp.
  2. 3 ground onions
  3. Fish parts - (skin, head and bones used for taste)
  4. Matzah Meal
  5. Seltzer
  6. 3 Carrots
  7. 3 Onions
  8. Salt
  9. Pepper
  10. Sugar

For Grandma (Bubby) Sarah's Gefilte Fish really watch the video. But some important caveats:
  1. Fish must be ground using a Kitchenaid or good Food Processor
  2. The fish parts are usually used to get taste and you cook them in a pan or pot in water for 30-60 minutes and add the water to what you cook the fish in.
  3. Gefilte Fish is something you need to feel and to taste. It is not a science. I have no doubt that Grandma (Bubby) Sarah's Gefilte Fish - because it is Bubby Sarah taste like heaven. This is something that requires love, more love, and a deft palette and hand.

Gefilte Fish is not easy to make. Trust me on this one. It may look simple - but it needs time, forethought and purchases. Do not undertake such a recipe if the smell of fish bothers you or you are grossed out by fish heads! Also, Bubby Sarah likes Seltzer. This may be her "magic" ingredient - but go easy with it. Eggs as well. You will find eggs and eggs and eggs in a great many old world recipes because simply put - eggs were cheap in the old country and the poor could afford them. I will be posting my own Gefilte Fish recipe in a few posts as well).


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