My Kitchen Gadget Wish List For The Chef Who Clearly Does Not Have Everything - Yet!

I was fairly astounded by the number or reactions that have come in from my post "Truly Useless Kitchen Gadgets For The Chef Who Has Everything". It is obvious that what is one's useless gadget is another person's find of the century. Such is the basic of consumerism and answering the needs of the market or creating the needs for the market.

The Jewish New Year is coming up in a couple of days and we enter a period of introspection and serious thought - about the past, present and future. However, for today Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen will present you with a bit of end of year humor - not exactly recipes - but all food related. Every now and then we must for a moment learn to take ourselves with a bit of humor to truly understand our lives. Indeed, if we could always remember to smile it would be a much better and much more peaceful world.

So today I am going to give you all my wish list - of what I want in my kitchen and what I am going for in this coming year. This will truly add to convenience and ease of feeding the family or just yourselves. Of course since some of these gadgets are truly expensive I am not going to put any prices up. I will let you all do the Internet searches to find the model and brand best for you. Hang on to your seats folks - cause this is gonna be wild!

OMG! Why, oh why, do people have to eat all the time. I never get out of my kitchen. Dishes and glasses pile up, the mixer has so many smudges, it takes an hour to clean, the Fridge is never closed for more than 10 minutes. Yikes! I am getting a migraine.

If your thoughts are along these lines than I recommend one big mama of a machine that will do all the work - and you will make money off of it to boot!

Put this in your kitchen and I guarantee you - everyone will be smiling on sugar highs, no one will be hungry - ever - and the allowance you give the kids or the money they make - will end up right back in your pocket.

Me? I am going for the whole shebang. I ordered this for my kitchen the other day - and as the famous Marie Antoinette said so succinctly:

"Let Them Eat Cake"

O.k.... Sheesh! Stop complaining that vending machines won't make it in your home. Well we are serious Coke drinkers. And I do mean Coke Cola - no Pepsi. I really would want a Coke Fountain in my home. (Yeah yeah - calories, sugar, unhealthy.... I got the picture!) So if you really cannot get the vending machine, here are some good substitutes. Splurge! This is so NOT useless in my home. I will even give up on the my electric salt and pepper vibrators if you buy me one of these!

The Koolatron is quiet, reliable and cools cans to 32° below ambient room temperature. (If a room is 72°, beverages will be cooled to 40°.) The compact unit holds four cans in each of two separate dispensing sections, and two additional cans in its pre-chilling section. Tokens are included, but coins will also work. To dispense a beverage, simply press the lighted button on the front of the machine. Plugs into a standard home outlet. Power consumption 65 watts.

It functions on quarters, but as the owner you will receive a dozen tokens that you can keep for yourself.
Don't want to mess with money? Coke should be totally free anyway! Try these ones below!

Oops! You are one of those people who see the word Soda and go ballistic? We have something for you too, and something that will satisfy both your needs and the normal needs of your Coke guzzling family. Everyone is Happy! And with these little gadgets - your kids can stay on a sugar high and you can drink all your problems into oblivion. A place for wine, beer and for Coke all in the same fridge!

This Dual-Zone wine cooler offers the ability to set two independent temperatures for storing different types of wine. Each chamber is digitally controlled. Temperature setting for either zone can be set between 41 to 64.4°F. Double pane insulated Tawny glass door with platinum trim and black cabinet will compliment any setting.
Oh you say that canned beer is not good enough. It has to be drought beer huh? And hubby uses this as an excuse to go drink at the neighborhood bar with all his buddies? No defense against that is there? HAH! Now with one quick swoop, you can totally cut out those trips to the bar and make hubby stick around and help clean the dishes. Don't ever tell me I didn't try to help you ladies out!

Introducing your own private beer machine.

Here is part of the description of the DraughtMaster.
You know how everyone at Coolest Gadgets love to have a tipple or two judging by the amount of alcoholic posts that we have made. The new Draughtmaster from Carlsberg will definitely be on top of most mens’ shopping lists this holiday season as you now no longer need to trudge down a cold, long road to the local tavern in order to knock back a few pints with your mates. Instead, you can pull points of lager in the comfort of your own home, although the missus will strongly disapprove of having your friends over as ruining the recently purchased Persian carpet with puke will most definitely be grounds for a divorce.

The Draughtmaster for thirsty men is one of the most environmentally-friendly beer taps around, and it is capable of taking in 5-litre kegs (almost the equivalent of 9 pints) at one go, although we’re sure you would most probably lose count after the 6th or 7th pint. Since these kegs are made from fully-recyclable plastic, getting a refill from a nearby store is not a problem. Should the local store run out of stock, you can always make your purchase online.
Now - dare you to complain that you need to go out before the dishes are cleaned - cause you need to taste that drought beer going down the throat!

All Right! I will get serious. Well, as serious as I can get. Some of the "gadgets" below are really useful (but then again I am one of those who thinks a vending machine in my kitchen would be the most useful appliance after the dishwasher!)

So let us start off with something that makes my mouth drool. Seriously drool. And anyone who loves chocolate out there and gives parties in their house should have at least two of these.

Now we move on the more and more serious. Truth be told when I first saw this little gadget, I thought to myself - "Now this is truly useless!". But then I got to thinking. It is kind of a unique idea, and for a family who likes toast or toasted bread - it is cute. And hell, once you are buying a toaster - why not go for this one!

Pop Art is a style of painting and printing which goes back to the sixties/seventies, however the toaster does not really produce a piece of art, but the pop part I suppose is where the toast pops up and the art is, well you get my drift here, it is all in the name.

The toaster itself is conventional apart from the fact that you are able to burn a pattern onto the toast, there are six designs so there is always a choice etc, this toaster puts the fun into breakfast this is especially when there are kids waiting for breakfast and you want encourage them to eat something healthy, with its simple operation and the plates are removable which means the pattern can be changed as you wish, makes this toaster an exciting addition to the kitchen.

The toaster features: 6 design plates, which create these patterns on your toast: double hearts, LUV U, flower, snowflake, cake and smiley face, 12 toasting levels, reheat and frozen, slide-out crumb tray, size 7-1/2Hx6-3/4Wx11L and comes in red, black, white, and blue.
Just make sure your son does not try to toast your daughter's finger in it - just to see how cool her fingers will look with these little mold impressions.

Too cute? Too much work? I hear you. The next two gadgets I fell in love with. Did not take much actually. Are you one of those people who can never get a pancake to look decent no matter how hard you try? I mean some people get the so perfectly round and cooked perfectly. It is totally unfair! Mine come out - well sometimes they are one step away from scrambled pancakes. So this little thing-a-ma-jigger really made my eyes pop out. Great pancakes every time!

And coupled with the perfect pancake maker - I always wanted a great waffle maker. Something I dream about. I will be a hero in the kitchen!

Truly this mighty duo above - is so going to be in my kitchen real soon. Next time the kids smirks at my scrambled pancakes when I offer to make him some, I will simply make myself pancakes and let him starve or hit the vending machines!

Now let us get real serious. My caffeine addiction, if you have not guessed from the Coke ingestion is beyond your wildest nightmares. So I have a grinder and a filter machine, and an espresso machine. But this next little machine I LOVE! Why, oh why, didn't anyone think of this a few years ago. One machine which grinds the beans and makes coffee all in one fell swoop. My eyes are popping out in jealousy of this one.

The fundamental concept behind Cuisinart's Grind and Brew system is preservation of flavor. When coffee beans are freshly ground the natural oils that result contribute to the natural complex flavor. As ground coffee sits these oils dissipate and their unique properties fade. By integrating a grinder into the coffee maker you re assured of getting the optimal flavor from the coffee bean.

Ever since that fateful day a few years ago when I learned to make spaghetti, (without letting the water boil out of the pot!), I have begun a quest for all types of lasagna and pasta dishes. Quite a few are up on Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen. So in my quest for the perfect pasta, one day, I discovered this little shop here in Jerusalem, owned by an Italian family that makes fresh pasta along with some delicious prepared foods. Ever since I bought my first fresh pasta at the store, I have this overwhelming desire to make my own pasta. I drool when I see these machines.

Now finally the most serious of them all. My pet peeve in almost all kitchens is that the designer or builder never walked into a kitchen in their life. And certainly never cooked a meal. One of the most blatant objects that are missing from kitchens is the simple outlet in the wall. Some kitchens have two or three - if you are lucky you may find five or six spread all over the place and usually in the worst places. Think about it. You need an electrical outlet for the fridge. Usually you need one for the oven. And most certainly you need one for the dishwasher. (Forget it - I am NOT giving up on the dishwasher!). So there goes three. Umm..someone forget the microwave? And what about the mixer and the 2000 other contraptions in the kitchen. So we are always playing double up or change the cord - especially when our hands are covered with egg and flour and who knows what!

I found this at and it is exactly what the doctor ordered. Not only for the kitchen but for the computer room and media room as well. Indeed, I would put one of these strips in every room in the house, and never have to worry about finding an outlet again. If I ever build my own house, or do renovations this is something that will be at the top of my list of "must haves". (After the dishwasher!)


And you call Me Insane!! Vending machines in the kitchen, sheesh

A friend gave me the chocolate fountain as a gift. I used it once and my daughter thought she was in heaven. The chocolate is very expensive and the clean up is messy.

The coffee grinder/brewer is a must for serious coffee lovers. There is no better flavor or aroma.

Alternating coffee and diet coke is a wonderful way to keep the caffeine infusion going without the added calories ..

Ted, I think you get to share the label of Insane Cook with this one
Amrita said…
Good post, please tell me where you got those cute comics from?

Thank you Paula for your answer.

Happy Rosh Hashanna to you all
Deborah Dowd said…
Seriously,I love those outlet strips! Power wherever you need it, what a dream! I am with you on the Coke fountain, but a close second is the old style machine that dispensed glass bottles (you pulled them out of round compartments) No canned Coke can ever taste as good!
Anonymous said…
Im sorry but for some reason I just can't take fondue fountains seriously lol.
KennQ said…
great post, I really like it. Thanks for posting. :)

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