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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tomato and Mozzarella Salad

As in our previous post, Vegetable Lasagna, I saved this one for right before Yom Kippur as it is a great and easy one on the stomach. Also real easy to prepare. Paula sent this one in.

Tomato and Mozzarella Salad

  1. 4 Large Tomatoes (sliced thin or diced)
  2. 1 Medium Red Onion (diced)
  3. 1/2 Pound Buffalo Mozzarella
  4. 1/4 Fresh Parsley (chopped)
  5. 2 Teaspoons Fresh Basil (chopped)
  6. 1 Clove Garlic (minced)
  7. Black pepper
  8. 3 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  9. 2 Tablespoons Red Wine Vinegar
You will need:
  1. Serving dish with sides
  1. Place tomato slices or diced cubes in dish
  2. Add the onions
  3. Add Mozzarella
  4. Sprinkle basil, parsley, garlic and pepper over it
  5. Drizzle with olive oil
  6. Drizzle with vinegar.
  7. If the dish is small, continue layers.
  8. Refrigerate until chilled and serve

Just simple and easy and good. If you serve this before the fast go easy on the pepper. Otherwise a great side dish for anytime of the year.

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Anonymous said...

mozzarella? - sliced, diced, shredded, cubed?

Chef Mom said...

Delicious! I'll bet if you dice the tomato and onion a bit finer and shred the cheese, this would make a scrumptious bruschetta topping too.

Paula and Elwood's Poetic Palace said...

Kali,for the salad, I dice the mozzarella into small cubes.

Lisa, this works very well for bruschetta , however I omit the cheese.