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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Little Bit Of Nice

Deborah Dowd of Play With Food is, as I have previously said a regular commentator here. Recently I published her Sparkling Punch Recipe which I stole from Play With Food with her permission of course. In that post I made a comment about Deborah not being Jewish and thus her blog was essentially not a "kosher" blog. I did it because the recipe appeared right with a "shrimp" recipe and meant it as a compliment.

Deborah then commented on the post writing:


Glad you don't old my not being Jewish against me. An equal opportunity blogger...

When I read that I assumed that Deborah was offended by the remark about not being kosher so I immediately wrote her and apologized and removed what I thought to be the offending sentence. The following is what Deborah wrote back:

Absolutely no offense taken! I took what you said in the manner in which it appeared. No need to be politically correct. I am thrilled if you and your readers can find not only recipes but ideas and attitude from my blog, and I am excited to do the same from yours. Also, do not apologize- I respect that your faith is part of your life and part of your blog. It is very refreshing to see someone who does not apologize for their faith, especilly in a public forum like a blog. We both worship the God of Abraham, so don't sweat it.

And since I have heard there is such a thing as Jewish guilt don't spend another moment on this- I am thrilled to have your readers visit my blog and I hope they find things they can use within the constraints of a kosher diet, and your blog is still prominently linked as one I visit daily.

Thanks Deborah. But one small thing you got wrong. Guilt? Me? Hah! (You see I know it is always my fault. That is what makes it so easy!)

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Deborah Dowd said...

Thanks for posting my response (and my sloppy mis-spelling)!My favorite thing about blogging is being part of a large international and diverse community that daily demonstrates how much we all have in common!

P.S. I am going to read more about kosher foods- I didn't realize shrimp was a no-no.

Lola Cherry Cola said...

Hi Teddy, thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I'm really enjoying your blog (as showed by the link), I will have to try a few of the recipes out. I love to cook, but only when I'm in the mood.

Please keep making my mouth water with these lovely recipes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. It is always great pleasure to read your posts.