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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Grams, Kilograms, Liters, Gallons, Quarts, Ounces - What A Mishkabobble!

Units and measures can be a mishkabobble and drive us all crazy. As Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen proves, cooking is a universal process BUT measurements are the realm of our education and what country we live in. I still think in miles even though Israel works on a kilometer system.

Recently, one of the regular readers to Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen left a comment to which I must address. Barbara wrote as a suggestion:

The first might be a pain but if possible when people or you post receipe if measurements can be put in US mode not metric ( I know we're stupid on this issue but I haven't a clue about grams and kilos- sounds like drugs drugs to me (joke!!!!)
Barbara is right. From now on I will try whenever humanly possible to do a basic conversion and my apologies to all of you.

But for those of you who need quick access to conversion tables,. well first if look at the Menu bar on top of each page you will see a "Measurement Table". Clicking on it or here will take you straight to that post.

For online conversions try the following sites:
  1. Online Cooking Conversions
  2. Online Oven Temperature Conversions
  3. Online Butter Measurement Conversions
  4. Temperature Conversions
  5. Cooking Conversion OnLine
(Be aware that all these sites require Javascript to work so you must allow Javascript in your Browser, if it is not already enabled.)

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