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Friday, December 29, 2006

What To Do When Your Kids Do Not Like What You Made - Rule # 13

Teddy’s Insane Laws For The Kitchen & Cooking

There Really Is A Method To My Madness

Rule № Thirteen

What To Do When Your Kids Do Not Like What You Made

Check off as many as you think are appropriate.

Cry, weep, tear out your hair and go into hysterics

Make them eat it - no matter what

Rant, rave, get red in the face and make them run for their lives in fear

Don't talk to them for a few days

Cut off use of the telephone until they apologize (works sometimes)

Don't dish out any more money until they promise to eat anything you make (Works like a charm. Kids will do anything to get to your wallet.)

Go for the good old "Guilt Trip" scenario. (Always worth a try.)

Throw it all away in disgust (Prepare to do this quite a few times)

Give it to the dog and hope the dog doesn't turn its nose at it (don't even try the cat, it will make you feel that much worse.)

Slam a few doors to let them know how much your feelings are hurt (Like that will work.)

Immediately establish an open credit card line at your nearest hamburger junk food and pizza parlor.

Try and try again (Sweat, blood and tears - see guilt trip above)

Give the kids up for adoption - I tried it, but no one wanted them. I found them all huddled on my doorstep the day afterwards crying for my credit card and some Pizza Hut.

Start a fire in your kitchen. (Now that is a unique idea!)

Drown Your Sorrow In Self-Pity & Beer (This always works!)

Hit the Chocolate - Ears Perk! Someone say Chocolate?

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3 Fire Comments - Click To Post A Comment:

Deborah Dowd said...

My response- they have have any leftovers in the fridge (that haven't grown penicillin)! I refuse in principle to making a special dinner for one of my kids- in general, if I eat it they can too!

Your posts remind me that some things, like problems of parenting are universal no matter where you live. Especially when there are more of them than there are of you-you can't let kids have the upper hand or it's all over!

Anonymous said...

So, it's a good idea to have some edible leftovers in the fridge whenever you try something really different and new, or something you know they might not like! :) Then, I usually put the leftovers on at the same time, but still insist they at least try - and eat - some of the new food, as well as the tried and true.

Barbara said...

My method: "this is not a restaurant. you are old enough to use the microwave - do so."

Usually they are too "lazy" to do that and they start eating. Usually!...