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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Be Creative - Rule # 11

Teddy’s Insane Laws For The Kitchen & Cooking

There Really Is A Method To My Madness

Rule № Eleven

Be Creative

Cooking and baking are creative. It is not "just" another activity that has to be done. Your first roast beef or your first macaroni and cheese might not turn out to be mouth-watering delicious and scrumptious. The next one will be better and what greater satisfaction can you get when your kids sit down to eat, than having them say, "Hey Pop. This is really good! Who made it?"

And when you tell them that you did, the look in their eyes says, "Yeah, right. Okay, what's going on? Did he fall off a ladder and hit his head?"

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Paula and Elwood's Poetic Palace said...

You can use this if you find it helpful for the blog. I will not be offended if you chose not too.
Also, I need to know what other dishes you are interested in.

For the record this Boston Irish girl loves to cook all cultures and flavors.
Nothing is off limits. I must say my Chinese Food is by far the best yet.

Some Helpful Hints to make the kitchen fun and inviting.

I know several people that are overwhelmed at the thought of cooking.
However, the kitchen does not need to be so intimidating.

Ted, as you say often, get creative and if it does not turn out right the first time, learn from your mistakes and it will become better each time..

I can’t tell you how many times I have messed up. Especially when doubling or tripling a recipe for a large crowd. I also have not made a dish the same way twice.
It is fun to change things around and keep them guessing.

Hints to help:

I place all needed ingredients and cooking utensils on the counter. This saves time in searching for them and allows you to concentrate on the recipe.

Use a large bowl for scraps. This saves you from running back and forth to the trash.

For baking I use only jumbo eggs. They provide that little bit of extra moisture to the recipe which can make a difference especially in baked goods.

Baking does not need to be scary. Set the eggs out for ½ our before you use them. This makes it easier to separate them.

Many great dishes have been created by accident. Find the tastes and ingredients you like. Most of the time you can substitute or omit a particular item.

If you find you are out of a certain ingredient, there are several options for most products without harming the recipe.

Let the kids help. This works well for the picky eaters. You would be surprised how eager a child becomes to sit down to a meal that he / she has helped prepare.