Karen's Madness In The Kitchen For Chicken-Biscuit Genius

Karen's Madness In The Kitchen For Chicken-Biscuit Genius

Karen, who is my secret love, (but don't tell her that, please) and a woman who lives across the water and way from me, but who if I could grab, I would hold on to forever - left a recipe for me which she just called my attention to, on the Absolute Write forum board. She allowed me to copy and paste it here, which is below and the whole story as well, because I sincerely enjoy her sense of humor. (Don't worry folks mention of Pork and all the recipe is Kosher!)

(Note: I had to modify Karen's recipe a bit, cause it had some milk and meat mixed together. However, now it is kosher. But, I do not know if the Pillsbury biscuits she used are Dairy or Parve. So if they are certified Kosher but Dairy, find some Parve biscuits.)

So this is not presented in the normative Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen manner, but the humor is worth it!

***walks in. Notices Teddy isn't paying attention to her, and pops into his lap. Looking around to make sure no one is listening, lowers her voice and starts whispering....***
So I left work and I went to do some shopping. For some strange reason quite a few meat-space people are expecting gifts. Anyway after negotiating traffic and idiots in that order, I got home. I’ve got two Things at home. ‘What’s for dinner?’ they ask.
“Leftovers” me
“Leftovers? What leftovers?” them
“Pork roast” me
“I had that last night” Thing 2
“I had that for lunch” Thing 1
“Chili” me
“Again?” Thing 2
“You made it.” me
“isn’t there anything else?” Thing 1
“Leftover chicken. You can make sandwiches” Me
“Awww, mom, I have to study.” Thing 1
“Yeah. Why won’t you make something?” Thing 2
“why don’t you make it. You can toast bread, you can slice chicken…”me
“Awwwwww.” Thing 1
“Ok, what did you people want to eat?” me
“I want to go to Ruby…”Thing 2
“NO!” me
“What about chicken and dumplings…you can even use the dead chicken.” Thing 1
“Yeah, mom you haven’t made that since spring break.” Thing 2

Ok, so I have a ton of cards to write, and these two want a home cooked dinner. This isn’t going to be pretty. I need a shortcut. (and some wine. Really, I need some white wine.)

Ok, I bring 3 cups of water to a boil and I added 3 chicken bullion cubes. I am NOT making dumplings and covering my kitchen with flour. So I pull out a package of ‘Pillusbury’s Poppin’ Fresh Biscuits” and I quarter each biscuit and toss them into the boiling broth.

(NOTE: Most Pillsbury Products are certified OU or OU Dairy. So be careful here. If these biscuits are dairy, find ones that are Parve!)

POOF! They expand to three time their size. Ok. I bet that is temporary. Baking soda or something. I reduce heat and let them simmer. Then I chop up the chicken into bite sized pieces. Then I rescue a couple of celery stalks from the veggie drawer. Chop them up and set aside with the chicken.

Ok the biscuits have contracted to the proper size. I need to thicken this. I have a packet of powdered chicken gravy mix. Dissolve the powder in ½ cup of the white wine. Mix well and dump in the pot. Add the chicken and the celery and some basil and a pinch of oregano and a shake or two of paprika and just a hint of turmeric, a shake of black pepper and a pinch of salt (just one pinch...look at the sodium on the powdered gravy). Since this needs more veggies to be a meal…in the freezer I have a 10 ox bag of frozen mixed veggies. So I dump those in too. Stir…stir..thicken… thicken and serve with a baguette sliced, drizzle extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with powdered basil and garlic powder and toasted.
Only 45 min of my time. I rock.
“what , thing one?”
“You rock.”
“Thanks, now take out the trash and clean the bathroom.”

****Kisses Teds on the nose and stands and leaves***

Try it. And yes - Karen ROCKS!

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A few helpful tips for baking.

It has been mentioned that baking frazzles the nerves of some.
It should be fun and creative.

Read through the recipe once or twice before you make it. Get the difficult part done first. If eggs need to be separated, do it first. Remember to let the eggs get to room temperature for at least 1/2 to make it easier.
You can get egg whites in with the yolks. You don't want egg yolks in with the whites.

When baking you need to consider a few things. The type of pan or casserole dish you are using will affect the outcome. For instance if you have a dark colored pan and are baking a cake or brownies, they will cook quicker. If the directions say to bake for an hour and you are using a dark pan, check it after 45 minutes. 15 minutes could be the difference between a moist or dry dessert.

Also when making a casserole a ceramic or glass baking dish works best. Metal pans tend to dry out the recipe and over cook them.

Most cookware is standard. I believe when it comes to baking you should invest in at least one good 9 x 13 baking pan and only use it for baking.

It makes a huge difference in the outcome of your baking.

As for taste and changing recipes to suit yours you have to be careful with key ingredients.

Stick to the recipe for the main part like eggs, flour, baking soda or baking powder.

Sugar, spices and flavorings can usually be switched without harming the recipe.

For cooking, spices can always be changed to suit you. Don't be afraid to add the things you like and leave out the things you don't.

Veggies can always be switched.
Garlic and onions can be added or omitted. Again, keep the key ingredients and play around with the rest.

Think of the stove as your blank canvas to which you will add the art.

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