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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Donuts & More Donuts...

One of the food blogs that recently came to my attention is run by Carolyn, a Mom of five kids. The name of the blog itself, Juggling Frogs, is enough to get your attention. Carolyn, mixes a heady amount of recipes with some personal tidbits. As readers of Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen know, I tend to like reading food blogs from "real" people talking about "real" situations and "real" food. Carolyn also has some great pictures of her creations in some of the recipes.

A few of the recipes over @ Juggling Frogs caught my eye and I emailed Carolyn for permission to post one of them here to which she graciously agreed. (I am going to get her to give me a whole series she did, but shush don't tell her that yet!)

Donuts & More Donuts...

You can click over to Juggling Frogs to see the recipe for Recipe for "Donuts "Dunkin-style" (pareve)" that we are presenting here. This recipe is for "fried donuts" (and good for Hanukkah) .However, since @ Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen, we do not like to divide up processes and place everything in front of you at one time, we are going to do a bit more explaining.

Ingredients: (1-7 for the dough to be made in the bread machine)
  1. 7.25 fl. oz. soy milk (or water)
  2. 1 egg
  3. 2.5 T. margarine (= 1.25 oz. by weight)
  4. 1 t. salt
  5. 1/3 c. sugar (= approx. 2.25 oz. by weight)
  6. 2 3/4 c. all-purpose flour (= approx. 13.5 oz. by weight)
  7. 1 1/2 well-rounded t. yeast
  8. Oil For Pan
Utensils You Need:
  1. Bread Machine
  2. Board for rolling out Dough
  3. Frying Pan or Wok
Recipe Directions:
  1. Put the ingredients above (except #8) in a bread machine on the dough cycle
  2. When done roll them out to about 3/4 inch thick
  3. Cut into donut shapes
  4. Let rise (usually with a towel over them for around 15-20 minutes so the yeast can work)
  5. Fry in 350ยบ Fahrenheit oil (in a wok) until golden brown.
  6. They should be drained on something absorbent, such as paper towels.
  7. Let them cool down.
  8. We like them sprinkled with confection sugar.
Carolyn adds:
A few years ago I bought a donut cutter - it looks like an upside-down mini bundt pan - that cuts "O" shaped donuts quickly. Before that, we lived very contentedly with an upturned drinking glass and finger-poked-out holes.
There are a couple of utensils that will make your life easier here, especially if you make donuts more than a couple of times a year. The first as Carolyn mentions is a donut cutter. The second is donut pan which you can used if you are baking and not frying your donuts.

Now we are going to add just a teeny-weeny bit here. You can always glaze these donuts of course. This is a fairly simple process and we have presented in @ Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen numerous times (click here for the recipes involving glazing of food.)

Ingredients For Glaze:
  1. 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  2. ½ cup confectioner's sugar.
Recipe Directions For Glaze:
  1. While the donuts are cooling, combine glaze ingredients – stirring until smooth and then pour it over the donuts.

First let me thank Carolyn @ Juggling Frogs for her kind permission to repost this recipe here at Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen. This is really easy to make. You can of course make this a full "milk" recipe by changing the soy milk to real milk and the margarine to butter. The glaze is your option of course. Remember though, these are fried and not baked and you do require a bread machine.

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leosatter said...

man these look soooo good!!!!
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Thank you and have a great night or day…depending on when you read this. LOL!!!!