Ever Have One Of Those Days?!

So last night my son arrives home with 4 friends in tow. I was really not prepared for anything and was kind of totally immersed and dead to the outside world in writing. So after a half hour I go out of my study where I was summarily sent so as not to embarrass the kid, I sneak into the Kitchen to look at what is in the fridge to give his friends. ACK! Zilch! Nada! So I run to the grocery store with my golden retriever Rainbow, who was in my son's words "bothering them while they were on the playstation" - bad dog!) to get some food.

There I am a proud father walking home, figuring I am going to get brownie points for being unobtrusive and getting some real good junk into his friend's stomachs. So opening the door with a big flourish with a big, stupid, dumb smile on my face I look around and..and...and..

Oh good Lord! No kids! No son! All gone! Of course where did they go? To another friend's house to watch a movie.

"Abba I told you we were not hungry! Don't embarrass me!"

"Hey Kid. You guys were not hungry but you sure did a job on two bottles of Coke!"

"Coke is not food!"

So the kid arrives back home after nine, and guess what? He is hungry!

Throws up hands and gives up!

Lesson to be learned: If you have only $5 to buy food make absolutely sure you get as many bottles of Coke as you can!

On another note KCC #23 will be released in two days. If you wish to submit and have not done so yet either go here to me-ander, or here straight to the Blog Carnival Kosher Cooking Carnival submission page, or here where I explain it all in A New Year - Great Recipes Coming Up And Hosting KCC 23.


Yet we love them anyway... and would do it again... we never seem to learn.

Mine is famous for "MOM, I'm starving. Can you make me something?" Mom goes to the kitchen, spends a half hour preparing her something, call her to the kitchen and hear " Um, I'm not hungry anymore."
Deborah Dowd said…
This happens at our house all the time- if you plan for kids to be there for dinner, they go somewhere else. If you assume they will not be there, you can count on them showing up with a small army! Get used to it- as a parent, you just can't win!
House of Israel said…
ok do you have any good recipies for Kosher Meatballs and Kosher Lasagna? to share? if you do please email me at timetobelievefoundation@yahoo.ca
always looking to improve on that one with any new tasty ideas,actually any italian foods..thanks Catherine Manna

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