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Monday, June 18, 2007

Ode to Help I Have a Fire In My Kitchen

Written & Sent in by Paula & Appreciated:

Ode to Help I Have a Fire In My Kitchen

The welcome mat in place
For all who wish to join
Submit or ask a question
Be it chicken or tenderloin

You’ve shown us you fear nothing
Armed with spatula or knife
You hosted our little pie fight
Brought those recipes to life

Novices and pros alike
Gather at your site
Always finding what we need
Morning, Noon and Night

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Kate said...

I'm so glad to have found your blog! These look like fantastic recipes to try out!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like what happened in my kitchen a few years ago,lol. Almost burned the place down.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being featured! You have a great blog, keep it up!

Deborah Dowd said...

Teddy, I hope your blog is silent because you are having a rip-roaring time this summer. Looking forward to more of your adventures in the kitchen!

Anonymous said...

i am delighted that your new blog is delvering quality posts. this one is awesome too