JIB AWARDS - It Is Voting Time AGAIN!


Success In Nomination :)

No need to nominate anymore!

Now we have to wait for the voting on April 22


The Insider said…
Your site is so ooo delicious! I vote for you.
Don’t you think it is a bit hot inhere! And I can smell of smoke.
Anonymous said…
Pretty nice stuff :O)
Anonymous said…
To be glade :)
Of course I voted for you.. I would be insane not to :)

Best of luck and keep up the humor..
Akiva said…
Thank you for mentioning the JIBS, and good luck. THIS WEEK IS NOMINATIONS ONLY, not voting. And, you've been nominated 10 times!!!!!!!!! (Once is enough!)

Voting will start Sunday, April 22!

Akiva of Mystical Paths - JIB Committee Member

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